I am so excited! A poem of mine will be included in the awesome upcoming Anvil Press anthology Sustenance, Writers from BC and Beyond on the Subject of Food, edited by Rachel Rose.

A portion of profits from this innovative project will go to provide refugee and low income families with fresh food through the Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon Program. There will be plenty of chances to hear writers read from the book this Autumn. Buy it and feel delicious!

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Here's a pre-release review from All Lit Up about the project:


Malahat Review Issue 197

              It's so cool to have a piece in this gorgeous new issue of The Malahat Review which shines a spotlight on some great Indigenous writers. I am not Indigenous – but I'm thrilled that my Constance Rooke contest essay "Equation" is included in this beautiful issue. I also had fun answering questions from Victoria writer and editor Kate Kennedy who interviewed me for The Malahat Lite newsletter. You can order your own copy now!



November ninth

I sat quietly in a dark room for most of the day, away from social media, trying to remember what the silence of sanity felt like. Numb. There is no bright side to any of this – not now, not ever. When the brightness comes, it will not be from this.

In the dark, I wondered how I would speak to my daughters. But like most of the young people who voted in the States, my Canadian daughters can see past today to the future they will demand. Last night, one of them posted this message before it was even over:

"...I am dancing, dancing to strengthen my legs so I'll be ready as we rise up against the hate and the horror."

Today, the other is organizing her fellow students to dream big about alternate ways of using energy - their world's and their own.

Tomorrow, I will get up and join them. I promise I will, tomorrow. We won’t even need our passports. Look out Kellie Leitch and your ilk – we are coming your way.

Listen for the music. Followed by a lot of footsteps dancing toward you.

Malahat Review 2016 Constance Rooke Prize

I am thrilled to learn my essay The Equation was chosen for the Malahat Review's 2016 Constance Rooke CNF prize.

Congratulations to all the contest finalists, I am honoured to be included with you. A big thank you to The Malahat Review, and to Lee Maracle, whose insightful and empowering writing inspires me.

 It was enthusiasm and encouragement from Wayde Compton and the 2016 TWS manuscript class that pulled this and other essays out of me. Thanks guys!

Malahat 2016 Constance Rooke